1999 Perrier-Jouet Fleur De Champagne

Color was a light golden hue and indicative of a white wine with age. This champagne is clearly old, but this bottle possessed just enough effervescence making it more enjoyable than the previous bottle. In both cases, the beads were small and fully integrated into the wine; however, this bottle unlike the previous one, had a number of bubble strands going up the flute of the glass. Nose was pretty good with toast and apple being the dominant elements. Flavors were dominated by apple butter along with some yeast, and just a touch of acidity at the end. I did not get a brandy nose, though others thought it was present. Overall, I did enjoy this old bottle of bubbly for its soft and rich flavors, but if you want acidic liveliness and froth – you will need to go elsewhere. Overall, I think old champagnes – with their broad-toned flavors – should be served a bit colder than younger vintages. Drink up immediately.

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